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Black & Dark Themed Wallpapers

Spooky and grim wallpapers for your screen

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Black and Dark themed Wallpapers is an android app for smartphones.
It contains black and white pictures and dark images with black backgrounds that you can set as wallpaper or contact avatar or save/share with your friends through Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social media.

    Summed up Features:
  • Setting background as Wallpaper You can set wallpaper in just one action No need to open your phone gallery
  • Share Share the wallpapers with your friends on all social platforms.
  • Set as Contact Image Set wallpaper as contact avatar
  • Save You can save the image to your phone in full HD
  • Simple, fast and offline The app is very battery efficient and it can be used offline at maximum speed without losing image quality.
  • Minimum ads Ads that we use are at minimum and it's only to support our work so that we can support the app for you. You can always use the app offline if you don't approve this. Cheers!

All the wallpapers in this app are under common creative license and the credit goes to their respective owners. These images are not endorsed by any of the prospective owners, and the images are used simply for aesthetic purposes.
No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honored.

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